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I've Always Loved Horror Movies

When I was a baby, I got stuck in a haunted house with my grandmother at the town's travelling summer carnival. I believe that the haunted house that we got stuck in was being spiritually effected by supernatural spirits. This experience has had an effect upon me my entire life and has caused me to be who I am today.

I was in diapers and my grandmother was carrying me. To this day I can picture her pounding on the door of the tiny little room in the haunted house that we got stuck in. It was the only time I ever heard my grandmother scream. It was the only time I ever saw my grandmother cry. After we had entered the haunted house (We had gone on all the other rides at the carnival together--since I was a baby and she was my guardian at the time.), we came to a door, and entered a little room. The door closed behind us. The only thing in that little room we had entered was another door, facing us. There was a giant demon face, above the door knocker, looking down at us. I remember her reaching out with her right hand, while she carried me in her left arm, to open the door before us. There was one problem. There was no door handle on the door before us. My grandmother started feeling the walls for some kind of switch, and there was none. My grandmother could not find the way out of the room. We had gotten trapped in this tiny little room inside the haunted house. My grandmother was carrying me in her arms and trying to find the way out. But there were no handles, no switches, no buttons, no levers, nothing but a giant door knocker and this demon face up above it looking down at us. Of course she tried using the door knocker, over and over again. She tried everything, but the door would not open. It was like we were outside facing the front of the door, even though we were inside the haunted house, stuck in this little room. The lights went out. I remember her saying words like, "open sesame," and she started laughing about it. She tried saying all of these "magic" words to try to get the door open. It must have been about ten minutes and she could not get the door to open. Then it seemed almost as if the door came to life--causing a strange illumination from an unknown source, and suddenly, the demon face looking down at us started to change. The demon mask above the door knocker suddenly flipped around and changed into a different face. It was a scarier demon face then the one before, and it was a different color. Red, blue, and then suddenly, the demon face changed again. But my grandmother could not open the door. It wouldn't budge. We were stuck in the haunted house and the lights around us had suddenly gone out. My grandmother started getting angry because it was ridiculous that we could not get out of the room, as the demon faces seemed to start to laugh at us. My grandmother started pounding on the door. The power went out on the haunted house, and my grandmother started screaming, "Let us out of here! Let us out of here! I have a baby in here!" Of course, no one could hear us, because there was a carnival going on outside. I can still remember to this day the experience of realizing that something was wrong the moment my grandmother started crying. (Why is my grandmother crying like me? Something is definitely wrong here.) When I saw her crying I remember looking up and around to see why she was crying, and there were these giant masks--demon faces spinning--flip, flip, flip--each one painted a different color, above the door knocker, on the giant door in front of us. They were spinning into view at a temporal rhythmic pace--brightly colored demon faces changing face as they rotated into view. They were up above looking down on us. She became hysterical realizing that the action of the various demon faces was churning, but how could this be? The power was out of the haunted house and the rest of it was shut down and completely dark. She started yelling for my grandfather. It seemed like an eternity that we were stuck in that haunted house together. I think she started praying actually. Then I remember being rescued by fire and police as they tore down the door of the haunted house to get us out. Ever since then, it became ritual my entire life to watch scary movies with my grandmother. At the moment of extreme scariness, she would take me by the hand and we'd go running down the hallway together, in extreme fright, knowing that everything was going to be all right since we were already home.

Although my grandmother is gone now, I still love watching horror movies. It is a dream of mine to work as an actress in the movies. I believe I have been preparing my entire life to work as an actress in the movies. To this day, when I walk into a video store, I always ask the clerk, "What's the scariest movie you've got in this store?" I know that I would make the perfect supporting actress for any movie. It is my grandmother's dream that I would come to Hollywood. It is my dream to see myself in the movie theatres working as an actress/co-actress on film. To all: film directors, writers, casting directors and producers, please see my portfolio at:
Please know that I would do my best to be a great supporting actress in the movies.

I sincerely thank you for your consideration.

Andrea Calabrese
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